Monday, August 13, 2012

Beer, There & Everywhere!

On Friday we logged off computers, put down pens & joined in the tradition of heading down to the pub for a pint. This time though the pub was Kensington Olympia & the pint was swapped for a third pint of ale chosen from a selection of about 800 different real ales, ciders and foreign beers. That's right it was time for the Great British Beer Festival.
The last time Adam & I went we'd only been going out about 7months so it was fun to go back again without having to worry if I'd get too drunk & embarrass myself! We paid our deposit on a pint glass & set off in search of ale picking up Ash, Billy, Dan & Kat on the way.
We had wanted our first pint to be Tribute but they didn't have it (boo!) so we settled for a variety of beers, some new to me some not to new. I tried to take photos of the ales I tried as the evening went on & you can probably tell which I had towards to start of the night compared to later going by how blurred my snap is!
Every so often there'd be a roar from the crowd that went round the whole building in a wave & we assumed it was from a big screen showing the Olympics, but it wasn't, it all became clear when someone next to us dropped their glass & the roar started again! It was just like being a Junior school when someone dropped something in the dining hall & you'd all cheer. It's good to know we've all grown up & are more mature than when we were all at school!
As well as yummy food stalls they had a few shops & activities such as balloon modeling (as you do!) & pig racing. I loved the pint & half pint t-shirts!
All too soon the last bell rang & it was time to down the remaining dregs before heading out clutching the glass & free bag of Nobbies Nuts on the way out.
On the way home in a very rowdy train Adam & I looked the picture of sober-ness! No one could tell we'd been out all night....hang on, who am I kidding?! The last thing I need to say is thanks to Adam for coming up with the blog title post, it had me giggling for ages on the way home! Not sure it's that funny now but still makes me smile!


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