Friday, August 17, 2012

Anna my Best Maid

Last weekend I had my second chick party, this time with my MOH of Anna. I don't like calling her my Maid Of Honor though cos she's awesome & I don't think the title does her justice! Nick gets to be Adam's Best Man so why can't Anna be my Best Maid?!

We had a potter round Nottingham getting a few odds & sods before heading back to her flat. When we got to her front door I had to wait outside while she rustled around for a bit, she finally opened the door & I was greeted by loads of balloons & a party popper pretty much in my face (maybe she's trying to sabotage the wedding by giving me a big bruise on my face?! Hadn't though of that, hmm!). We had a lovely girly evening full of Chinese, excitement as Mo Farah won the 5000m & Tom Daley got a Bronze in the diving, Take Me Out reruns, popcorn, makeup trials & generally loads of giggles.
The next morning after saying hi to Jet I walked into the lounge to find a breakfast spread any B&B would be jealous of & not a fry up or black pudding in sight. Very wedding diet friendly!
After getting our stuff together (including my heart balloon!) we set off towards Nottingham for my coach back to London. Seeing as we had quite a lot of time we decided to stop off at Wollaton Hall. Not sure if any of you recognise this but it's where Batman Rise of the Dark Knight was filmed. Now Adam & I must be part of the very few people who still haven't seen the film yet but I'm assured this it Batman's house. Cool eh?!
Amazingly it was free to go in so we had a wander around & it was full of stuffed animals. It was really weird in a fab way! They had everything from a full size Giraffe to an Octopus & loads of different birds. Seeing as I'd only packed light I didn't have Lumix with me but my little point & click did a pretty good job in the dimly lit, kinda creepy, rooms.
Even without the Batman link it's a really lovely building to walk around & the gardens were pretty, with more time it would have been fun to spend the day there with a picnic & a good book.
After a wander round the lake it was time to head into Nott to get my coach (when did Nation Express coaches get so posh by the way?!). My time went way too quickly with Anna & the next time I see her will be the day before the wedding, after everything's died down I can't wait to have one of my closest friends all to myself again & I won't have to share her with the wedding.
By the time I got home I was oblivious to the strange looks I kept getting from my balloon tied to my backpack. I only remembered it was there when I saw my shadow in the road with a big heart floating above me. It reminded me that I'm properly loved from all angles from my husband-to-be, to my brill parents & some rather fab friends :) getting soppy now so I'll stop!

Ttfn x

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