Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - comic book & vinyl store engagement session.

Here are some more brill pics from our Engagement Session with Chris Barber, it was pretty exciting to see our pictures on his blog too last week (click HERE).
Our plans are going quite well. It's all starting to speed up quite quickly now which is mega exciting but scary at the same time. There are a few things not going to plan still but these things are sent to try me (& Adam poor guy), they'll be ok in the end (I just need to keep telling myself that) & hopefully sorted next Monday. Just keep your fingers, toes, legs, arms, etc crossed for me!
I love this set of photos. We were so lucky to find this gem in Brum behind the Bullring & the guy was more than happy for Chris to click away as long as he wasn't in any of the shots! It also meant we found some brill vinyls that we could use at the wedding, I won't say anymore, can't give the game away now can I?!
I'm running out of stuff to say (a first I know!) so I'll let you just enjoy the rest of the pics :)
I can't believe it's only 24 days to go now, it'll be 3 weeks on Saturday & I'll be marrying my man :)
Ttfn x

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