Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - American Diner Engagement Session

With 17days to go (sorry what?! yes I did just have to count that on my calendar, twice!) my two mega wedding worries have been sorted out. Phew! To say I'm relieved is an understatement!
Now the excitement can really begin again. Don't get me wrong I was still looking forward to our big day but these 2 bits were quite mega to me & I don't think I was being bridezilla-ish over them cos they needed to be sorted. There are loads of little bitty things left to sort out now & cos they are all random bits & bobs they spring into my mind whenever where ever (I've now got Shaikra stuck in my head!) so my list making has gone into overdrive & I don't go anywhere without my 12 page spreadsheet ticking stuff off as I go! You think I'm mad you should see my parent's to do list/time line that wraps round their kitchen! Now I know where it comes from for sure!
Adam & I are in the process of briefing (!) our bridesmaids, MOH, ushers & BM with their to do lists on the day before & day of the wedding. Hopefully we haven't come across as mega control freaks, we just felt it was easier to explain to everyone what we'd like them to do & where with plenty of time instead of asking as the day went on making it all more fun & relaxed.
While looking at all these yummy food photos I thought I should hop on the scales this morning to see how the dreaded wedding diet is going. Well it was less of a hop, more of a plod & a wince while the numbers flashed in front of me. When they finally stopped I let out a little squeak & a grin filled my face, I'm only 3lbs off losing a stone, I've lost 11lbs so far! Woop! I'm pretty chuffed cos this last week I felt like I've eaten well but not made a huge effort to do so but it's obviously still working. Yay!
As before all these fab photos were taken by Chris Barber, see his blog HERE it's awesome! These shots were all taken at Eds Diner in Selfridges at the Bullring in Brum. They treated us amazingly well & we even got a goodie-box out of it (see the full post about it HERE).

Ttfn x

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