Wednesday, August 29, 2012

wedding wednesday - car park engagement shoot

Eep! My last wedding Wednesday! It's now 3 whole days till I am MRS P & I get to marry my very own rockstar! It's really hard to comprehend that this day most little girls dream of is just round the corner for me after 20months of planning. Yay!
This last week's been weird. I've been going from a child-at-Chrimbo level of excitement to driving-test nerves to final-project-weaving (only other weavers will get this! Nothing like appealing to a niche market!) stress. I've been having some pretty weird dreams too, the big one recently was that my hairdresser just didn't turn up on Saturday morning & when we called to ask where she was (I'd got all the way to the church before I realised my hair was in a lank looking ponytail!) she said she couldn't leave her kids cos her partner had to go & tend to his sheep (yes she has kids & a partner but I'm pretty sure he isn't a sheep farmer!) so we then set off back home to try & bodge my hairstyle with only a few minutes to spare. I woke up in such a fluster!
All in all tho every thing's done & dusted & I'm pretty chuffed how smoothly it's all gone in the end. The one thing I've been most surprised about it our budget. Ma&Pa came down on Saturday to pick up guitar amps etc that couldn't fit in our car & we agreed we'd talk about the dreaded budget when they were here. We needed to hear about how much we'd gone over & how much we'd owe them & how we'd pay it back. Like most couples getting married we went over budget (boo), but it's a wedding for 139people & being designers there were loads of things we wanted just right so didn't always go for the easiest/simplest route, I know, excuses excuses. I'll just get down to the nitty gritty & say exactly how much we've gone over (I've not yet figured out how long we'll need to pay it back) we owe, drum roll please...........£3! That's less than a pint in London! I could take them both out for dinner & we could have a Happy Meal to share where they'd get fed & get a toy out of it & we'd be sorted. Whoop! I'm pretty chuffed cos I'm not always that great at budgeting(!) but we did it, mainly due to loads of fab help from fab people. You know who you are! Mwah!

We both finish work today so we have 2 days to get ready & sorted. We've got a great little army all heading down to our reception venue to help decorate on Friday before our rehearsal at church followed by pub grub down the road.
I'm sure I'll bored y'all to tears with photos & info when the time's right but I'm not sure when I'll be back online. I've scheduled a few posts to go up while I'm away but I really want to enjoy spending quality time with my HUSBAND (love that word!) & not in front of my computer screen. So speak soon & stay lucky!

Ttfn x

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Belle du Brighton said...

Have an amazing day tomorrow! I know you will with all the effort you've put in!
Cant wait to see the snaps! will be me in November!