Friday, August 03, 2012

wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!

As one final push on my semi-successful wedding diet I've jumped on the Zumba bandwagon. I've only done 2 classes so far with Club Azucar at the Hammersmith Club Society (click HERE) & I've been really enjoying it!
The venue is stunning & the classes are quite small which is great cos you can always see the instructor dancing away on the stage. I wasn't sure how well I'd keep up but seeing as I've been dancing quite a lot all my life it wasn't too hard. I just need to practise my wiggles!
Even though my trainers look pretty new they're the same pair I had when I first joined a gym when I was about 16! As you can see they get loads of use(!!). I'm hoping to carry on the whole Zumba thing after the wedding but i might try somewhere else to mix up the moves & music a bit.

The wedding diet is getting quite tricky cos my dress has been measured to fit me as I am now so I can't really afford to loose much more weight or put any on. I'm trying to just watch what I eat instead of glugging the Slimfast for the last few weeks. Fingers crossed it works! I feel my attitude to food has changed a bit cos I managed to breeze past MaccyDs into Pret, walked past all those yummy hot wraps & popcorn & grabbed a tuna salad & mango pieces for pudding. That's mega impressive for me! Saying that though I do have a date with the worlds biggest McDonalds in the Olympic Park tomorrow, you can't expect me to miss out on the one surely?!

Ttfn x

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