Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Super, Smashing, Great Saturday pt1

As you saw from yesterday’s post I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Olympic Park last Saturday. It was completely luck of the draw & in my opinion we got the best day out of everything, even if I'd been offered Men's 100m final I’d have turned it down for these. It was labelled Super Saturday & cos I can't keep saying 'super' I looked in a thesaurus for other words, I found excellent, cool, glorious, great, groovy(!), incomparable, magnificent, marvelous, matchless, outstanding, sensational, smashing, superb, terrific, topnotch & wonderful. Even when said one after the other they don't quite sum up the greatness of the day!
Our session wasn’t until the evening so we rocked up at the park around 10:30 to give us enough time to wander around the grounds before it got too busy. We were decked out in all our Union Jack/Team GB bits & bobs & people kept grinning at us (with us?!) on our way to Stratford on the tube.
As we got off the train the first thing that hit us was how friendly everyone was. It was lovely. As we walked past people with megaphones they weren’t just shouting directions at us they were pointing the way with big foam hands while hyping everyone up & when they saw us in all our glory they kept getting us to cheer for Team GB & everyone else joined in too. Even the soldiers doing the security checks were friendly. As we were walking along volunteers working there were more than happy to take photos & were even offering to do them. Visitors & spectators alike were all in high spirits.
Then we were in, we were at the Olympics! Woop! We knew Jess Ennis was competing in the Long Jump as we arrived & even though we couldn’t see any screens we knew when she was jumping due to the almighty roar from inside the stadium! We walked along to the Park Live section to the big screens but they were just showing the rowing (‘just showing the rowing’ you know, the rowing we also won gold at?!) so we carried on exploring & got our photos with the Olympic Rings. It was definitely the time to go though cos there was only a line of about 6 people whereas later on in the day it was crazy.
My tummy was beginning to rumble (what's new?!) so it was time for my first highlight of the day – MaccyDs (wedding diet went on hold!) at the biggest McDonalds in the world. Seeing as we went in before the stadium’s morning session finished we managed to get seats looking out onto the park & that was our first moment when we both sat down & suddenly realised we were in the Olympic Park. It was hard to comprehend really. 
After we’d composed ourselves we set off towards the Orbit to see what was around there. That was when we found the Coke Pin Exchange & in there was the chance to hold the Olympic Torch & have your photo made into a pinbadge, never one to miss something like that I jumped at the chance & mum grabbed a few extra pics too. I was surprised how light the torch was, I’d expected it to be heavier. I wonder who carried the torch I held & where it went?
Before it got too busy we popped into the official store which had lots of cool (overpriced) merch. I didn't get anything but mum did get to stand next to a huge Jessica Ennis. This cardboard cut out was actually life size, explains how she won the Heptathlon now doesn't it?!
Once we'd finished in the shop it was time to meet up with Aunty Del & Beccy who were coming into the stadium with us & to see David & Lilley who'd been doing a great job of cheering Jess on in her morning session. We grabbed a quick bite to eat then it was time to go into THE Olympic Stadium.....
 ....to be continued!

Ttfn x

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