Friday, November 18, 2011


Last weekend has finally caught up on me. I'm so tired, so tired I missed my stop on the train this morning. I woke up with a start just as the doors started to beep at my stop so instead of leaping up in a mess, trying to scramble for the doors & embarrassing myself I sat there as if I was supposed to get off one stop later than usual. I'm sure some of the people who usually travel in the same carrige as me noticed & probably wondered why I wasn't getting off though.
As I looked out of the window, bleary eyed, hoping the next stop would be fairly close I was greeted by this view of the River Thames - there could be worse places to be stuck on a train!
Waiting for my train back I stood in the wintery sun thinking that maybe I should miss my stop more often?!

Got another fun filled weekend coming up - Slink & Niall are coming to visit for a good old Rock Night tonight & Drink, Shop & Do tomorrow. Rarrr!

Ttfn x

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Mari said...

i love your pics..they're so pretty :)