Friday, November 11, 2011

Bridesmaid bonding

A couple of weekends ago I invited all my lovely ladies to come into London town for a chance to hang out with their favourite bride-to-be & get to know each other. I don't think you've been formally introduced either so here goes:
~ Lou - jive & photographer extraordinaire also often mistaken for my sister which ain't no bad thing!
~ Anna - randomly bumped into this gorgeous girl in a shopping centre in B'lore, if I hadn't have seen her there then we would have been like ships in the night & never met *sniff* but thankfully I had Delhi Belly & didn't go out for the day with the other girls - every cloud & all that!
~ Michelle - we went to the same High School & met over mutual admiration for each others coordinates picture in maths, we've known each other wince we were 11.
~ Lisa & Jenna - Adam's sisters & yummy mummys, I'm really lucky that I get two fab sisters-in-law I just wish we did more together.
Our London Larks began with Anna arriving at Chez P with baked goodies (they were so good, I think she's trying to sabotage the wedding diet!). I made her a lunch fit for a queen - jam on toast (gotta use up them jam jars for the wedding!) & crisps - Rock & Roll! We had a great afternoon relaxing in front of crap tv before getting ready to go out to meet the rest of the rabble.
We met with Michelle for a drink at a pub Jack the Ripper used to frequent (random fact for you!) & Jenna & Lou joined us a bit later. Unfortunately Lisa couldn't make it cos Brandon had fallen over & hurt himself so she'd spent all day at A&E & couldn't make it into London from Essex. Thankfully he's ok but he definitely needed his mum around for lots of tlc. The fact she wasn't there though is a perfect excuse for another catch up in the new year, maybe to go dress shopping together?
(us acting natural, we'll be up for Oscars this year I think)
We headed for the only place you can go to on Brick Lane for a brill curry - Monsoon. As usual the food was lovely & after a good haggle we got free 1st round of drinks & 25% off the bill. I had their scrummy Biriani but couldn't manage it all & asked for a doggy bag, all was going well till it leaked in my bag on the way home & sadly I never got my cold curry toastie for breakfast the next day *sigh.*
 (think I must have seen some spare curry out of the corner of my eye!)
Before heading home we decided to take a diversion into Wetherspoons for a cheeky drink. En route we had a little impromptu photoshoot with Lou, think this has proved we need quite a lot of practise before the wedding, goodness help The Barbers!
(Getting ready for the lamest jump in the history of man. 3...2...1...JUMP!)
....or in my case don't! Considering we were pretty full of curry by this point the other girlies, especially Jenna, did quite well, but as for me - it felt like I'd jumped high enough to touch the stars but in actual fact I don't think my feet even left the ground.


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