Monday, November 07, 2011

time doesn't always fly when you're having fun

This weekend has been one of those great ones that happen once in a blue moon – it seems to have lasted forever & I feel really refreshed for the week ahead. It's not that I just sat on my bum being a lazy slob, I've actually done quite a lot.
Saturday morning I collected for the Poppy Appeal at Euston for 3hrs. For once I was quite impressed at the amount of people already wearing poppies & also how many bought from me. I picked the same spot I had last time so I caught the people from both the tube & the mainline trains. I had a pretty steady stream of people coming up to me until someone else decided to collect at the top of the escalator that I was at the bottom of. By this point I only had about half hour left so went for a wander around the ticket hall.
Once I'd done my good deed I headed back home, had a spot of lunch & fell asleep till about 5pm. It had been one of those weeks where I was exhausted all the time so it did me good to have a cheeky nap. I grabbed some tea before getting ready for my evening as a social butterfly. I had 2 parties to go to thankfully both around Soho so I could walk between the two & not have to bother with tubes. I spent about 2 hrs at the first party & then headed to the second for a few drinkie poos before the last tube home. It was really good fun to get out & about in central London again, it feels like it's been ages.
Despite getting to bed about 1:30am I woke up rather sprightly on Sunday morning & had a bit of a cleaning frenzy before heading out to do some secret Chrimbo shopping. It got a bit chilly in the afternoon so I decided to try making some hot chocolate like Gran used to make using coco powder & hot milk but it just wasn't right. It smelt the same but was missing a certain special 'gran' ingredient. I called dad & we reckon it must be a bit of sugar (as was usually the added 'thing' with gran I think, that's why it was so good!). I love the little gran things I remember - like mashed banana or honey sandwiches when I was ill. They were the best!

Sunday afternoon Adam came back from his blokey weekend away & we played the new Golden Eye game on the x-box. It was quite fun but nothing beats playing the original one on the N64 at uni with us all huddled round a tiny tv screen playing 4 player with our JP room door open waiting for Herb to walk by or a drunk ginger Rich to pop his head round our door. I do miss those student days but not the lack of money!


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