Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've seen quite a few artificial trees but this is the best so far.

It's in St Pancras Station & is made entirely of Lego.
When walking up to it it seems a bit odd cos the branches are all totally straight, it's not until you get up close to it you realise why.
It looks great sitting there amongst all the other straight lines of the station & again it got me thinking it would make a great weave. What's wrong with me?! Where has this weave craving come from?! Someone get me a loom quick, I need to get it out of my system - as soon as I have to spend days threading the damn thing up my opinion will soon change!
I'd have loved to have been part of the crew to build this it would have been so much fun. It made me really want to get my box of Lego out again that I had when I was younger, tip it out onto the floor of our living room & start building a tree for myself - who needs a realistic looking one when you can have this beauty?! It reminds me of a Lego Wedding Bouquet I saw a while ago, can't remember where it was but it was ace, just think if, you got bored during the day you could transform your flowers into a spaceship or something & play with that - I'm in, who's joining me?!
Anyways enough random ramblings. Not long 'till our tree goes up now - hopefully it'll be this weekend. Woop!
Ttfn x

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Loulabelle said...

WOW! To the lego tree... You're blog is so Christmasy I'm loving it xxx