Monday, November 14, 2011

we will remember them

2011 seems to have been a pretty good year for the Royal British Legion. It's been lovely to see so many people wearing poppies around London than previous years.
Friday we had our 2min silence at 11am & it gave me time to think about Buck. I can't believe it's a year since he passed away already (I posted more about him here last year).

This weekend was fairly busy going back & forth between mum&dad's & Lufbra, (more on that later, I'm still ploughing through the photos!) but Adam & I still made time to head back to the cenotaph in Barwell for Sunday's service outside. I got to say hi to Gordon (another guy who fought in WW2 & who's always in my mind when I collect Poppy money) & i did my bit collecting more money during the service. It was a really good turn out & there were over 150people there which was really special.
Just before heading off I took a few snaps & also photographed all of the names on the cenotaph - at the moment there are some idiots going around nicking the plaques (they're copper & worth money). How sick can you get? Dad thought it would be a good idea to document it just in case these scumbags get to our war memorial, fingers crossed they won't.

Hope everyone had a peaceful rememberance day.
Ttfn x

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Loulabelle said...

Ahhhh so sorry to hear about your family friend :o( It's so sad to lose anyone, but when people who faught die the stories go with them.

Great photos of the poppies! A lovely post filled with pride xxx