Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a more sober affair

Following on from Monday’s post, the rest of the Slink & Niall weekend wasn’t as rowdy but just as fun.
Saturday - we woke up about mid day sporting some pretty bad headaches & finally braved sunlight an hour or so later. We headed into town via Platform 9¾ & Costa for a pick me up.

By the time we left Costa & headed to Winter Wonderland it was already getting dark. It was the best time to get there though cos even though it was packed, it was still magical with lots of lovely twinkly lights. It had only opened the day before so I didn’t think it would be too busy but boy was I wrong!
It was a bit too mild to get into the true spirit of things with mulled wine but Niall & Adam both had a Bratwurst while we watched some of the bigger rides. There were some brill ones & we'd have leaped on if we hadn’t been feeling so sorry for ourselves. I know, I know it's all self inflicted!
We’d planned to go to Drink,Shop&Do to ‘play with clay Michael Jackson style’ for the evening, but when we got there we were told we should have booked (grr). So we only stayed for a hot choc/cocktail & a nibble before heading home with Pizza & Doritos to veg out in front of Flight of the Conchords (think this plan was a bit of a blessing is disguise!).
On Sunday, once everyone had emerged we decided to head to the RAF museum down the road for a nosey cos Adam & I had always said we'd go but never got round to it. It was brill! We weren't really sure what to think but it was huge & most importantly, free!
Niall was in his element with machines & engines while I (randomly) got bombarded with inspiration for weaves! I got quite excited about it all, it was such a shame I couldn't just leap on a loom & work away. I've not felt that inspired for ages (well since I graduated) so I did the next best thing & got a bit snap happy! You can see a photo of the loom I used to work on at uni here, it drove me mad back then but I really wish I could just while away the hours in the dye lab & get weaving once more.
So many textures & lines to weave, where's a dobby loom when you need one?!
It was quite good fun to be in a museum where they don't mind you taking photos, it made for some beauties!
I loved this menacing plane near the exit of one of the hangers
There was a lovely display all about the Royal British Legion & particularly about Henry Allingham who had fought in WW1 & died in 2009 aged 113, he was the last surviving founder member of the RAF. Reading about him & his life story brought a tear to my eye, we owe these men & women so much.

After a few hours we headed home & we hadn't even finished the museum, that's how great it was! It was a shame to say bye to S&N, the weekend was so much fun & we just don’t see enough of them anymore (I’m already holding them to an Eddies visit in the new year!). This visit has proved my idea of buying a street somewhere to get us all living together again as a fab idea & I must get onto to straight away! Well that’s after the collage girlies have all come to visit next weekend! Phew! Maybe we should start charging B&B fees?!


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