Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We're all just big kids

It was Sam’s birthday on 11/11/11 so what better excuse to have an 11 year old themed party?! Sorry this post's a bit image heavy!

At my birthday party in August Sam handed me a proper birthday party invitation like you used to get at school & I started to get a little over excited to say the least. It was a great excuse to get everyone together & have a catch up with the uni lot in our natural environment of Lufbra & not in a field with no showers & limited loo facilities.
The rabble consisted of Tricky, Rachael, Andy, Annie, Sam, Anna, Gaz, Adam, Art & me. The rest couldn’t make it for various reasons but hopefully there’ll be a chance to get everyone together properly before the wedding. I don’t know when we were last in a room all together? Please don’t say it was at uni?!
We started the afternoon/evening as we meant to go on with vodka jellies (& an apple sourz shot for me) & it kinda went downhill from there.

I’ve not drank for a long time so it was quite fun to go back to the uni way of life & have a good old knees up. I had said to myself I’d stay sober (who knows why) but that soon went out of the window when the party games began. Yoink!
Some of the fancy dress accessories & outfits, the trouble was mine was an outfit I'd uaually wear & not see a problem with (minus the freckles & pigtails obviously!).

Once we were all sitting comfortably Sam brought out pass the parcel with various fancy dress prizes in the centre as well as a lolly for everyone on the way around. Tricky & Anna were the lucky winners.

After refueling on pizza we went back into the lounge to find Sam had made an awesome pin the tail on the donkey. The donkey had been divided into sections & each part had a forfeit. It was all going well till Annie got her tail pinned in the perfect spot & Sam didn’t know what to do – she never thought that would happen!
We had a little interlude with a cake for Sam, Irish dancing courtesy of Art & a bit of Steptacular dancing by yours truly, then we got back to the game.
We were all playing fairly at the start till we got more & more drunk thanks to shots of cheeky vimto, 2/3 fingers of drink or the “cup of yuck.” It then resulted in rather boisterous spinning & fixing to make sure the victim would place his/her tail to get the worst outcome *ahem* Adam *ahem.* A certain Fiance fixed it so I would get my tail on the “cup of yuck” section so I had to drink this glass full of goodness knows what – there was scum on the top it was that bad! Bleugh!
Me studying the dreaded "cup of yuck" mid drink, love Annies face in the background!
The many drunk faces of Miss KtP - stunning!
It got to about 10pm & we realised we should probably head out into Lufbra. They had their annual street fair & we couldn't let that pass without a visit. 
The first stop was the Bucking Bronco where I think Anna & sam spent more time on the floor than actually on the ride
Typically I got overly excited about the Waltzers & made sure Adam & Andy leant into the dips to make the car go even faster while the fair guy spun us as well. It was brill!
The fair closed at 11pm (boo!) so we headed to Varsity (still Baracuda to us!). We had a bit of a boogie but retired to the back of the room later on for a sit down & natter while the youngsters carried on dancing (are the Freshers getting younger cos I feel far too old?!).
Annie & Andy were clearly thrilled at being in Varsity
Art & Sam :) so lovely together!

Before heading back to Art & Sam’s we stopped off at Rainbows for the typical Cheesy Chips & I got into an argument with a drunk girl pushing in but apparently it was me giving her the attitude?! Doesn't she know not to in the way of me & my place in the queue, especially when it’s got summit to do with food?

Art & I stayed up till about 2am nattering away about anything & everything & then I crashed on the airbed with Adam. Trouble is I mustn’t have blown it up properly & by the morning it had deflated completely & the valve was open! D’oh. I guess it made it easier to get up to go to church for Rememberance Day though cos there wasn’t a comfy bed luring me back.

After the service we got back to Lufbra about 1:30pm to find everyone glued to the Grand Prix. Once that was finished & Sam had given us all party bags (ace!) we went for a late lunch down the pub (it was also to celebrate a little something in the group but I won’t go into it on here yet!) before heading back.
I was a bit mopey on the way home party cos of my hangover but mainly cos I miss all my uni lot so much & don’t see anywhere near enough of them. I miss the whole uni way of living where you have all your mates living across the coridoor/road & you can pop over anytime & see them all. I think we should buy up a whole road somewhere & live like we used to. Who’s in?!

Ttfn x

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