Monday, November 21, 2011

it's electrifying!

I promise my blog's not going to turn into a drunkard diary but I've been getting merry again - this time at The Electric Ballroom in Camden.
Slink & Niall came to visit for the weekend & we couldn't let their visit go by without a rock night somewhere. We were supposed to go out on Saturday but couldn't find a decent night over the weekend so we decided to head out Friday to see what Camden had on offer.
It felt so good to dust off the old rock night shoes again & Slink always has the most fab boots! I managed quite well till we were walking up the hill on the way home & I realised the balls of my feet felt like they were walking on knives every step I took. The price you pay eh?!
After a few drinks, a quick catch up & some chocolate cake (essential) we headed out about 10:30pm. We arrived about 11 & it was pretty dead so we found a table in one of the side rooms & nattered (well screamed at each other over the racket!) until Dusty found us & it started to get busier.
Everything was quite civilised until it was some one's, *ahem* Dusty's, idea to do shots of Jagermeister & Sambuca (not together though I hasten to add!). These shots plus the cider I was drinking made for quite an interesting night to say the least! :S
Looking back over the photos we took I love some of the faces of the people behind us - were we the only ones having a good time?!
The music in the main room was brill, lots to sing/shout/jump along to, oh how I've missed rock nights! Who knew the little fresher that used to be so scared of all of that kind of music would be loving it now & wishing she could go back to those nights?! I can't believe I hadn't been to the Electric Ballroom 'till now either, how did that slip past my radar?!
I don't know what had happened to my camera at this point but it was coming out with some ace double/triple exposures - I think we need to head back to the Electric Ballroom to try & figure it out, well it's a good an excuse as any.
We finally made it home about 4am & the rest of the weekend was just as fun (but a lot more sober!). More of that to come..........

Ttfn x

p.s Dusty - I hope this is enough photos of you for one post?! Please inform me if you need more!

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THE DUST said...

You can never get enough Dusty, IMO. Lots of love, Dusty x