Friday, November 25, 2011

err who's the bride?!

Last night Anna & I went to the Matthew Williamson Bridal event & boy was it good fun! I'd decided I should at least try to make an effort & be a bit smart but as per usual my smart(ish) was still everyone else's pretty scruffy! Anna had commented that she's always a bit awkward coming to things like this & never feels like she fits in, but when she's with me it's all fun (probably cos I make her look so amazing! :P).
We arrived around 7:15 & the place was already buzzing. We set off with a yummy cake from Zoe Clark at The Cake Parlour in one hand & a glass of a Martini/Champagne care of Liquid Chefs in the other, well I did, Anna just carried an extra drink for me - she's the best!
As well as looking (note only looking & not buying!) at the Bridal wear we also wanted to see more of Emhen's amazing handy work up close. The work she does is beautiful & as MW's head embroidery designer she needs to give herself one hell of a pat on the back. There's so much detail & textures, I especially wanted to wear the blue & black dress (bottom right) to jive in cos it would have moved beautifully, one day eh?! I also fell in love with the shop's wallpaper & the vintage jewellery added to it, again, one day!
There were some beautiful shoes from Harriet Wilde on display & while we were looking at them Anna got chatting to the lady herself. Seeing as she was asking so many questions it was assumed she was the bride so then she was asked all about her dress & her outfit for the big day, all I can say is - wow can that girl tell a porkie! Who knows who they thought I was?! Probably her badly under-dressed wedding planner! By the end of the night we'd planned the whole of her wedding even going as far as the name of her H2B, (getting in with the wedding lingo here!), but I won't give too much away though cos you never know, it could all happen, all I will say is I can't wait to see those squirrels scurrying up the aisle carrying your rings & wearing top hats!
As we left we were handed a fab goodie bag containing lots of lovely things, & proper sized things, not tiddly samples. On top of this lot in Anna's was some Bobbi Brown lip gloss, I got a hair bobble instead, which to be fair will get used by me a hell of a lot more!

It was so much fun to go to summit like that with Anna, we don't get to do things like that so often now she's not in London. The next big thing will be in a few weeks when I go to buy THE DRESS! Eeep! Will have to see how much I can blog without giving anything away but making sure I write more than "I HAVE THE DRESS!"

Ttfn x 

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