Thursday, November 11, 2010

We will remember them

It's that time of year again & i'm really happy to say that i've seen so many more people wearing poppies than previous years.
I did my poppy collecting at euston station last sunday & i was pretty busy & even had people coming up to me asking all about it. On one hand there are loads of people already wearing them, on the other, people were saying i was the 1st poppy person they'd seen!
I'm on my 4th poppy so far this year! I bought my 2nd one cos i'd left the house with a different coat on & felt guilty not wearing one then needed the 3rd & 4th cos the others fell apart!
This year the poppy means that bit more to me cos our very close family friend buck passed away on the 12th oct. He was from texas & a paratrooper in the 82nd airbourne division during world war 2. He made the jump on d-day & was awarded the purple heart after suffering a gunshot wound to the head while pulling one of his fellow soldiers to safety. He came over to the uk in 1994 & we looked after him. It was only for a few days but he stuck in our hearts forever & we always called on birthdays & at christmas & even visited him & his family in texas. He'll be sorely missed but i'll always think of him with a smile on my face. Love you uncle buck.
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