Friday, July 30, 2010

Deep breaths...

There i was minding my own business, deep in thought comp shopping, thinking about the new trends when suddenly i'm brought back to the real world by looking up & being faced by this gruesome window display. Now if you know me you'll know i'm really not happy when faced with clowns, masks, puppets, etc so when i saw these i wasn't overly chuffed! I was actually walking round the shop (the rather trendy & posh dover st market if you're interested) when i spotted them so i tried my best to keep looking like i honestly belonged & could afford things in there while constantly keeping my eye on my freaky friends in case they came to life & started to chase me (cos that could have happened!) Mental note- must stop watching scary movies!
X x x
P.s i know, i know comp shopping during the summer hols i must be mad! When do they go back to school?!

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Slink said...

Oh.My.God. I'm not scared of Clowns too much but this is just horrible! :-O