Wednesday, August 25, 2010


....right, now that my parents have picked themselves off the floor i'll carry on!

i never understood that broody feeling of wanting one of your own & your heart melting when you see them playing, but now i'm getting that soppy sensation when i think about them & would love one at one point when our money situtations are a bit calmer. we'd then be starting our own little family. it's been getting quite bad recently, when i'm out & about & i see them going by it brings a huge smile to my face, i talk to them if i see them on the train, they're so cute & fun when everything in the world is new & their little faces with cold wet noses melt my heart.....

that's right i'm talking about puppies, what else could you expect from me?!

haha sorry mum & dad :P
x x x

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