Wednesday, September 01, 2010

welcome to our humble abode 2

Here’s the second installment to ‘Chez P’

This time we’re focusing on the main bedroom which is all finished now except for the light which we have & have had since before we moved in but because we’ve got used to it sitting there on the floor next to the laundry basket it gets forgotten about & never actually put up. Hopefully we’ll get it done soon though!

Again it's in a little story for you to see!

When we looked at the room before buying we could see it was a big room but just needed a more modern touch & much much better wardrobes (more of our beauties later!!)

All my junk got dumped in here as well as the lounge & we had to work round the pile of stuff while decorating! How can one person gather so much stuff?! More importantly how can one person gather so much stuff when she was just living in one room in a rented flat?!

Adam putting the finishing touches to his very carefully painted picture rail! We've gone for white walls, bright green rail (which matches our bright carpet that I've just realised shockingly doesn't feature anywhere in this post!) & light green above that.

Lovely floorboards exposed when we took the old carpet up for our new one.

The walls & floorboards - just a nice picture! Pointless for showing you anything though!

Building our rather huge wardrobes! You can just see a bit of the carpet under the ladder!

Finished wardrobes, the frosted glass sliding doors keeps the room looking big cos of the reflections from the window otherwise it would have dominated the whole room!

our bed with storage underneath & pull out bedside tables. Love the windows in this room (well all rooms really, they let so much light in) Eventhough there are trees outside it's still light & airy.

Inside the fab wardobe - my side. We had much fun deciding what bits we wanted (gotta love ikea for giving you a shell then you build them to how you want them). i've got shelves, a pole, a drawer, a sectioned tray & most importantly the shoe rack! Adam has pretty much the same but more hanging space & less shelves & yes he does still have a shoe rack!

Our bedside lamps from ikea - cheap as chips & put lovely patterns on the walls.

I liked this view of our wardrobes with just the bedside lamps on. You can see all the sections with ghostly shapes of what's in there.

Our other bed spread & curtains finally! Got a right rogues gallery on the back of the bed too!

Chest of drawers donated by mum&dad & all our signed Gaslight Anthem stuff to go on the wall eventually.

Above the filled in fireplace which we will eventually hollow out & plaster & fill with big church candles :) We've got 2 cupboards above the fireplace where the chimney is, useful for chucking junk in there when you don't know where else to tidy it to! Think this is the 1st blog introduction of Rabs & Robert Rabbit that I've had since I was born!

The rest of the house is still going well. The kitchen is coming on nicely, we went away for the bank holiday weekend up to mum&dad’s & left adam’s dad working on it (I know this might seem unfair but honestly he prefers powering-on on his own!) & came back to more tiles & various other storage methods in place. Not sure how much longer it’s got to go but can’t wait for it to be done & post up here cos that’s the room that’s had the most effort on it so far & I want to show it off! The bathroom’s come to a stop (before it even started) for now until we’ve built our funds up again, so unfortunately it’s still a case of washing my hair in the bath for the unforeseeable future! Grr! Either that or I do what adam does & shave it all off?! Might be an idea!

All in all though it’s still lovely to have a place to ourselves & I finally feel like it might be real now! Yay!
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