Monday, December 27, 2010

better late/ealy than never!

hope you had a great Chrimbo & will have a brill New Year! :o)

Adam & i drove up to the rents on the 23rd night, thnkfully the roads were pretty clear of cars, ice & snow. we had a lovely Chrimbo Eve relaxing & pottering round town, then went to Christingle & Midnight mass while waiting for santa to arrive. We did presents nice and early & then adam left to go to see his family as I spent a quiet (but lovely) day with mum & dad watching tv & snoozing! boxing day was with adam's family & we had muchos fun while mum & dad went to visit my aunt & the rest of her family. it's the first year i've had some chrimbo time with adam's family which was really lovely. mum & dad picked me up in a service station & we headed back home. today was supposed to be full of catching up with old friends. firstly i was supposed to be seeing people i used to work with at woodlands but after waiting for 15min with noone showing up (after 2 had cancelled online) i came back home in a stinking mood (don't know why i bother sometimes trying to plan things when people just can't be bothered to show up). instead mum, dad & i went into town & did a bit of sales shopping. tonight i'm off out with the girlies on the town so should be fun, like the good old days! it's back to the smoke tomorrow &am seeing adam.

New Years Eve will be spent at Drink, Shop & Do playing board games, drinking & nattering the night away :o) have a good 'un whatever you end up doing! Bring on 2011!

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