Thursday, July 29, 2010

Film v's Digital – there's only one way to sort this out……FIGHT!

Sometimes I get little envelopes filled with newspaper cuttings from my parents that they think will be of interest to me. I love getting them, it stemmed from when I was in India when I used to cut things out from the Times of India of interested for them & vice-versa. The one I got the other day was brilliant & one article caught my attention. It was headlined ‘No More Cheap Shots’ from The Sunday Times on 16th July &ll about how the cool kids no longer prefer Digital photographs, they’d rather use ‘toy’ cameras that use film. The 1st paragraph caught my attention...

“Satan was the worst photographer in hell. It was an embarrassment, so one day he told Beelzebub, his go-to guy, to see if he could come up with something to fix his holiday snaps. Beelzebub went to California & returned waving a small box. “This is it!” he cried. “It’s destroyed the art of photography on earth. Now you can do what you like with your pictures.” It worked. Satan’s snaps glowed. The box became known throughout hell as Satan’s Snap Fixer. Back on earth, they continued to call it Photoshop.”

It’s so true & is something I always discuss with Adam (as we did on the train this morning when we read the article together!). If I ever spend ages over taking a photo & then when I see it on the screen or developed from film I’m not keen on it, Adam will always comment I could alter it on Photoshop but I don’t think that’s the point. Personally if I take a shot that I’ve tried to compose & it doesn’t work out I’m frustrated that I got it wrong, but it’ll make me learn & I’ll remember what I need to do for the next time I go out. If I saw something I didn’t like & changed it on Photoshop straight away then the problem would be forgotten about & I don’t think I’d learn. I think I’ve become lazy with my Lumix DSLR & will take lots of shots changing things slightly till I get the perfect shot whereas with my SLR I’d think more carefully about what I’m taking in the first place & do it all in one shot cos otherwise I’d be extending my mortgage on developing film! Then again though by tweaking things slightly with my DSLR I’m seeing straight away what works & what doesn’t without waiting for a film to develop & relying on a notebook filled with info of the settings I'd used, so I guess with the DSLR I am still learning! Hmm!

I’ve been wanting a Holga or a Diana for quite a while now & hopefully one day I’ll be able to afford one & more importantly afford the developing when I get carried away playing! When I was young one of my first cameras was a little pink square Supasnaps ‘snappit’ one that took 35mm film & didn’t have a view finder, it was a little plastic square that you had to flip up & look through but wasn’t linked to the lens so you’re pictures were always slightly off & there wasn’t even a flash! Really kicking myself for throwing away this little freebie now! Just found one on ebay but it’s a tenner with postage!!! Argh! Time to trawl the charity shops/carboots methinks!

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