Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time travel is possible!

I was sitting on the flight (finally!) with my ipod on & decided to listen to my travelling mix that's made up of songs that mean something to me, reminding me of people & places. It's a strange compilation & jumps from rage against the machine to steps to faithless to turin brakes. It's great though cos for that 3min you're back in the place at that time with those people, having fun or sometimes crying.
Whether it's jumping around in echos, the fresher's christmas ball, partying in bangalore with nat nat, moshing at rock night, dancing routines in michelle's mum's lounge or crying at heathrow when i left for india the 1st time, they're all stages in my life & i'm glad i have these songs to remind me. Yes some are pretty embarrassing & i hope the person next to me couldn't hear them but hey!
Anywhere where was i? Ah yes, leaving high school in '98....
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