Friday, October 22, 2010

A good excuse not to do the washing up....

Did something that's not very me today. I had a manicure! Emhen bought me a voucher for my bday & seeing as my cousin gets married tomorrow i thought why not?!
I sat at the nails inc bar while they filed, soaked, cuticled (think i made up a word there!) & painted my hands feeling like a proper lady wot lunches! Luckily i had mum & dad with me to hold my coat & get things out my bag cos unlike ladies wot lunch i still had to do stuff in london & couldn't just flop into a chauffer driven car & wait for my nails to dry! Mum's already betted me £50 they'll be chipped before tomorrow! Really hope i can prove her wrong but don't want to cross my fingers cos i'll end up catching a nail!
x x x

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