Wednesday, July 28, 2010


You’d have thought by now that I’d be used to people coming & going what with the Cosmo lot when I lived in Bangalore & now living in London where Ozzie flatmates changed like the weather & other mates heading off to pastures new. But once in a while you really connect with someone & you kind of get used to them being there & then suddenly they’re not going to be any more. Don’t worry no-one’s died or anything but a friend (show knows who she is, not sure if she’s told people yet hence not naming names) who I’ve become very close to has a new job in a new city & will be off very soon. I’m so pleased for her getting the job, braving it in a new place & finally having some money to enjoy life but at the same time in a more selfish way I’m gonna miss her like mad. The good thing about London is that nowhere is far away, the train will only be a couple of hours & with the wonders of modern technology it’s so easy to keep in touch, but it’s not quite the same as meeting up once a month for dinner & a natter or seeing if they’re free for a random weekend (not that that happened a lot mind!).

Really all I wanted to say was congrats on the job, you’ve done so well, enjoy new challenges, be happy….but don’t forget little miss ktp in London where there’ll always be a room for you to pop down & say hi :) *hugs*

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