Friday, December 10, 2010

I predict i riot!

Popped into central london last night to do a few secret errands for santa. I realised it was going to be hard going when i had to queue to get out me leicester square station! It was the busiest night to shop apparently, why did i decide to do it then?!
Anyway i went where i needed & ended up on oxford street so decided to have a nosey at topshop. I was on the phone to mum at the time & commented on how there were 10 security staff lined up in the entrance & i had to brush past them to get in. Mum said there'd been protests there cos of philip green not paying all his taxes to the uk cos he lives abroad or summit. Pretty much as soon as she'd finished explaining, all the front doors to the shop were slammed shut as people started banging on the glass & tried to get in. Everyone shopping had to move to the back of the store for safety while the police vans arrived & tried to diffuse the situation. I started to worry, not for my safety but for my bank balances! If i'd been stuck in there too long i'd have started spending! Risky at the best of times! ;) we were eventually let out through a side door & my credit card stayed intact! Phew!

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