Friday, December 10, 2010

As i walked out back onto oxford street i did a dad & decided to see if there was anything to take a photo of round the front. I was greeted by spray paint on the big window & the glass doors had been smashed. As well as the spray paint they'd smashed the big window, got into it & pulled out a display model hence the random leg part in the photo above!
It was a really weird thing to be caught up in. Usually you just see these things on tv i didn't expect to be in the shop with the loud banging going on outside. Hats off to the topshop staff though they delt with us all really well.
Trust me to get stuck in it. Adam did ask me how i'd not seen people milling around outside looking for trouble but it was oxford circus on a busy night, there's always people hanging around there & also i wasn't really looking out for trouble brewing. Also i kind of jinxed myself cos as i left work last night i joked that i'd probably get caught up in the middle of a protest & look what happened! Typical!
This is roving reporter ktp signing out.
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