Thursday, October 07, 2010

feeling hot hot hot!

i'm in india at the moment designing the rest of our autumn/winter 2011/12 collection that we'd started in august. i'm in mumbai & thought it was pretty warm here (about 25-30degrees) untill i got to gujarat visiting the mills & process houses for 2 days! there it was 45degrees outside & then in the mills it was about 55degrees! i've never felt heat like it! we actually had sweat dripping down our faces while we selected fabrics, who said fashion was glamourous?! i can't believe people were working in those conditions, then again they have no choice, which is pretty rotten. luckily we had an air-conditioned car waiting for us that we leapt in to cool down again but they don't have that privilage. normally i complain that the a/c is too high & i'm cold but this time it was so appreciated! even when we got off the plane in mumbai at 8:30pm & it was still 30degrees that felt so much cooler! it's really steamy over here at the moment too. i get ready in my a/c (quite cold, but can't change the temp!) room & then step outside into the hallway which isn't a/c & straight away my glasses steam up & i can't see a thing! dread to think what it's doing to my camera, hopefully it's ok, otherwise it'll create some interesting effects on the film! :S am actually leaving it my room now for the rest of my stay so it'll only get a bit steamy when i leave on, don't want to risk it!
anyways have babbled on enough now, i'm sure i'll miss the heat when i'm back in blighty but for now i'd do anything for chilly autumn morning! i dunno, us brits are never happy!
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Harley Ledbetter said...

My dad's from Mumbai and my mom's from Gujarat...have fun