Wednesday, October 03, 2012

wedding wednesday & you're all invited!

Well before you go to the wedding of the year (fact!) you need an invite right? Originally we'd said we'd buy our invites but as our ideas & theme grew so did our vision of the perfect invite so Adam ended up designing the whole thing & I think you'll agree when I say it was a work of art!
Our lucky guests were treated to this delight through their letterbox, well that is unless your letterbox was too small then you had to pop round to the sorting office to collect it. Come on though it was worth it right?! As you can tell we're very modest of our invite! *ahem*
For a lot of people this was the first time they'd seen our colour scheme, subtle ain't it?! Also most of the things we'd been secretly planning were included so we didn't have to be so secretive about everything which was a relief!
In case you hadn't guessed by now our invite was based on a 7" vinyl & the tracks on the back listed what was happening when. We had great fun coming up with the 'song titles' & 'bands.'
Once we'd got our invites back from the printers it was time to post them out. We spent a weekend at ma&pa's forming a production line with dad providing the cups of tea / g&t's depending how late in the day it was. The first day we decorated the envelopes with personalised rubber stamps from this lovely lady on Etsy. Lise was great to work with & she was so patient when we kept tweaking little bits! I'd really recommend getting one done, we've had great fun with ours!
Once the ink was dry the next day it was time to rope in mum with her neat teacher handwriting to do the addresses. The first one to be done was a certain Miss Slink's & we were so excited to give it to her that night. She was the first to see it & it was great fun watching her finding everything out. We'd have loved to have delivered each one out to people to see their faces but I think we'd have still been handing them out now!
Our other big stationary task was getting the Orders of Service backed onto green & pink card & stapled together. Ma&Pa also helped by printing out map info & decorating it with pink & green curly ribbons. I must have got my artistic flare from somewhere right?!

Right well now that you have your invites it's time to get all dolled up ready for the next installment of Wedding Wednesday which will be the first all about our big day :) (hopefully we'll have our photos by then!) so stay tuned!

Ttfn x

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