Monday, October 08, 2012

Minimoon Monday - boats, castles, bats & angels.

Welcome to another update of our Minimoon to Jersey (pt1pt2 here). By the 3rd day we'd figured out that the password for the wifi at Costa was the same everyday so we hung around outside the cafe like dodgy teenagers nicking their interwebs for a bit to see if anymore wedding photos had been uploaded to facebook whenever we could.
We decided to spend the day around St Helier & our first stop was the Maritime Museum which was way better than we expected!
We'd only decided to go in cos it was part of our Jersey Pass but we ended up spending quite a while in there learning about all the coastline myths & how to do knots (think you had to be there cos it sounds kinda lame the way I'm describing it, it's well worth it honest!).
On our way out of the museum we spotted another room that was showing the Occupation Tapestry celebrating the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jersey. Each panel was 72x34 inches wide & each of the 12 parishes in Jersey had worked on a panel, they didn't let anyone just wander in & work on a bit though everyone had to do a practice piece to check they were up to scratch. You could really tell how much care & love had gone into it though & the colours & details were stunning. I stood there mesmerised for ages as the textile geek in me came out, there was a really good little film all about how it was made & the hours that went into it (approx 2488hrs per parish panels for all you fact finders out there!).
Once we'd grabbed a bit to eat & the tide had gone out we decided to walk to Elizabeth Castle that when the tide's in looks like it's floating in the sea. After slipping, sliding & sinking into smelly seaweed we looked over to our left & realised there was a proper walkway to use to get out to the castle without sinking or getting run over by the ferry/van thing! Typical!
The view back to St Helier from the castle was lovely & we had a wander around exploring lots of nooks & crannies while trying not to get blown away! One thing we did notice in Jersey was even though you were in a castle or walking across a beach there was always something that linked back to the Occupation. One minute you'd be look at defences that would have been used when the castle was lived in & the next you walk into a bunker that housed guns and ammo for the Germans.
After leaving the castle we decided to pop to the cinema to see Batman. Yes I know pretty much everyone everywhere had seen the film by now & we were one of the very few who hadn't, so seeing as it would probably be our last chance to see it on a big screen we hid away from the sunshine for 3hrs to watch a ruddy good film!
By the time we came out it was time for dinner & so we set off on a hunt to find the Seven Angels restaurant (link HERE) that a few mates had recommended. It was so pretty inside (& the loos were fab too!). It must have been a sign we went too cos the table we sat at had a Flaming Katy which was the table center at our wedding! The food was delicious & it's well worth a visit if you need a place to eat that's a bit more special. We wandered back to our car & drove back to the hotel down the winding roads that were finally seeming a bit more familiar.

In the words of Loony Tunes "That's all Folks!"
Ttfn x 

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