Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wedding wednesday quiet time

After all the build up I finally get to write about the big day! Huzzah! My Bridesmaids & I woke up early & sat around nattering for an hour before we needed to get ready. It was about the only time in my life I didn't mind waking up at 6am, an hour before my alarm was due to go off! After hopping in the shower it was time for Anna & I to tackle my eye makeup (we'd already practiced a few weeks ago at her house so knew roughly what we were doing!) & it proved to be perfect team work! 2hrs before Chris Barber was due to arrive mum & I were booked into the hairdressers to start the transformation into Blushing Bride & Mother of the Bride. We'd booked in with Kirsty who's been doing our hair for almost 10years so we knew we were in safe hands!
The reason we needed such a long time was because I didn't just want a pretty hairstyle I wanted my hair dyeing to match the pink in my wedding dress! Yes that's right, pink! Everyone was pretty nervous about dyeing my hair the day of the wedding at first but it was the only way to get it bright enough & also so it would be surprise for Adam, he had no idea! The thing was, as long as it was a shade of red/pink it would look great & so as long as it didn't go green we'd be fine (then again the green would have matched what Adam was wearing so wouldn't have mattered either! :P).
While I sat around waiting for my dye to set I painted my nails & mum had a wash & blow dry. Finally it was time to wash it out & see what I was faced with. As soon as Kirsty started drying it & there were flashes or bright pink all over the place I couldn't stop grinning! I was so excited! The style I'd gone for was a fairly relaxed low bun to the side & she made it look to pretty.
Next was for the headpiece that the lovely Emhen had made specially for me. I'd wanted a big fat bow with a bit of bling & a birdcage veil & she made it look gorgeous! Seeing as we weren't sure how it would sit on my head she'd made the netting bigger than we needed so it could be cut down to size. Trouble was everyone was too chicken to cut it so mum had to bite to bullet & be the brave one while everyone else sat around pointing out where to cut. Brave mum! She did a great job though & it sat perfectly.
After 1.5hrs the transformation was complete & we set off home to get the rest of my outfit sorted. As you can see from the picture above I was pretty chuffed! It was really nice having that time away from the hustle & bustle at home as well, all we could do was sit back, chat & read magazines/blogs in the relaxing atmosphere of the salon. It set the scene for what proved to be a pretty relaxing & not frantic day at all. Perfick!

Thanks to Lou for coming along & taking these pics & being willing to sit around doing her hair & makeup at the hairdressers whenever she got the chance! :) Check out her Flickr HERE.

Ttfn x

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