Monday, October 15, 2012

Minimoon Monday - creatures, castles & cruises, oh my!

Our 4th day in Jersey (pt1, pt2, pt3 here) was quite an adventure.
We started off at the zoo, the reptile house was my fave & I managed to get some great shots of the inhabitants watching us watching them.
Once outside again Adam had fun becoming a meerkat while the bats stretched their wings in the bat tunnel. I was mesmerised by the Aye Ayes in their dimly lit enclosures, I couldn't ever try to get a picture so I just stood there watching them for ages & ended up squinting like a mole as I came back out into the sunshine.
After a bit to eat we set off to Gorey to see Mont Orgueil Castle. It was a really pretty part of Jersey (not that the rest's scruffy!) which was confirmed when we were faced with the view above as we walked from the car park, it was pretty stunning!
As well as with Elizabeth Castle we hadn't quite left enough time to make the most of our visit fully. We expected it to just be a pretty castle but when the guide introduced it to us saying we needed to find the 'wounded man,' the 'witches' exhibition & 'wheel of urine' we knew we were in for a treat!! Unfortunately though we only had a few hours to explore so we headed straight for the top (harder to find that you would think with all the winding staircases & hidden rooms!) & worked our way down again. The view below is one of my favourite of Jersey, It looks stunning. We didn't find the Wheel of Urine *sigh* (!) but we did find a great exhibition about the queen & it had a really weird holographic image of her face that only appeared when you turned your head.
After a few hours we hopped on a bus to St Helier so we could go on our Sunset Cruise with Jersey Seafaris. We'd planned to go on their trip on the Friday night but it was fully booked when our hotel called that morning so the owner offered to take us from St Helier to Gorey cos he was going that way anyway! It sounded great fun so we went to meet the boat for our romantic boat ride.
We found out it was even more romantic when we got there though cos we were the only people going! This small boat turned up & we climbed aboard. I'd wanted to dress nicely for our special evening together by wearing a dress, it wasn't such a great idea when we were zooming across the water straddling a seat though! Ah well! The views were incredible & it was such an amazing feeling being surrounded by nothing but water - no land or other boats were near us. Wow!
We traveled round the South East of the island & I was swapping between taking videos & photos. It was all going so well until we turned suddenly & my little Lumix (that I though was round my neck) went crashing to the floor. Argh! I tried to act all cool so as not to ruin the rest of the trip but I was crying inside, mainly cos I was missing perfect Kodak Moments & not cos there was a huge crack & dent down the front of my lens. As you can see there was no hiding this damage & even when I tried to make the sun shine off the crack it didn't soften the blow. Thankfully though we realised it was only the UV filter on the front that had cracked not the whole lens *phew* so it was about £100 cheaper than it could have been. Thank goodness dad told me to put a filter on the front when I first bought it. I didn't realise this till the next day though that was all it was so the following pics were taken with either our iphones or my telephoto lens. Poor Little Lumix!
As part of our Sunset Cruise deal we got dinner at a fab restaurant called Feast. It was a perfect place for our quirky tastes, the food was delish & they played Wind In The Willows in the loos! Random! After the wedding link of the Flaming Katys at Seven Angels it was great to have a cocktail in a Jam Jar here carrying on the wedding vibe. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Gorey at any time!
While we were eating we happened to look out across the harbour & spotted this stunning sunset. I'm really glad I could only use my other lens cos I don't tend to use it enough & the detailed silhouettes I got with it were great.
On our way home we drove past the Bowling Alley & decided to use our 2 free games that came with the Jersey Pass. It was really good fun & the lanes were in a big old converted house. I lost miserably but it was fun all the same. On a side note though I let Adam win you see, couldn't have him moping around for the rest of our trip! :P

Hope y'all had a great weekend. Facebook erupted yesterday when we added our wedding photos so we've had fun sorting them out. Can't wait to start sharing them with you from Wednesday! :D

Ttfn x

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