Wednesday, October 24, 2012

wedding wednesday adam & his merry men

While my gorgeous girls & I got ready some dapper dudes were busy tarting themselves up too. You though we scrubbed up well?! Take a look at Adam & his boys! :D
Adam wore a Topman suit & his ushers & best man wore ones from Moss Bros. We were going to hire them but it turned out to be cheaper to buy them! Crazy! Our dad's luckily got suits out of this deal too so everyone was happy!
The first thing most people noticed about the guys was their shoes - take a look at these bad boys! We'd got them made online via the 'customize a Converse' page. Each usher had their name embroidered up the back (in case they forgot! :P) & Adam had our wedding date (so no excuse for forgetting our anniversary). We picked a lime green outer & bright pink inner to match our colour scheme & they looked great against their grey suits.
I realised that last week I forgot to mention our stunning flowers. They were all made by Sophie at 'Weeds.' We hadn't wanted our flowers to be too structured & were really close to making everything ourselves so they would look right but Sophie just got us & was really excited to be helping. We were so pleased on the day both with our buttonholes & my bouquets! Yay! Thanks Sophie!
Adam's buttonhole was from Black Market Betties on Etsy, when we saw it we couldn't resist & they even let us send our own pics to match our colours.
*how brill do Adam & Nick (his best man) look together?*
The usher's bow ties were from Topman & Adam was lucky enough to have his custom made by someone I always meet up with at Pitti in Florence, they did a great job & didn't mind us being picky about the dots & green colour, they even understood our Pantone refs! Woop!
I'll end this post with one of my fave shots of Adam from the day. He looks so happy (probably cos he was still an un-married man, he looks more haggard now! :P) I'm such a lucky gal to have nabbed him :)

Ttfn x
p.s all photos thanks to the wonderful Chris Barber, check him out HERE!

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