Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wedding wednesday ktp & her lovely ladies

After starting my transformation into a pink princess it was time to head back to ma&pa's to put on my dress & see my beautiful bridesmaids all dolled up. We scrub up well don't we?! 
*I'm going to apologise in advance if you're sick of our wedding already but I really want to remember every little detail & my blog is the perfect place to do it. So bear with me & just look at the pretty pictures for now! Mega thanks to Chris Barber for capturing all of these shots :)
Right then let me talk you through our outfits....
My stunning dress (modest I know!) was from Vivien of Holloway & was a real bargain considering all other shops wanted to charge about £800 for a custom made version of the same thing. After finally getting used to their sizing I went for the beautiful ivory lace & then took it to Devine in Loughborough for a few special tweaks. They added a bright pink sash & bow as well as thinning the halterneck down a bit for me.
**stunning ain't we?!**
Speaking of Devine they were FAB with a capital F.A.B. If you ever need a ballgown or bridesmaid dresses made & you're around the Leicestershire area go there, you won't be disappointed. I was really struggling with my bridesmaids dresses, I knew I wanted grey but wanted different necklines, Lou recommended Devine & they were great. I had a choice of fabrics & colours, then all I had to do was explain roughly what each neckline needed to be like (based on the girls picking the one they liked the best over a curry in Brick Lane!) & they sketched it up while I spoke. 2/3 fittings later & there were 5 beautifully lined dresses all the same length & with matching bows at the back, they'd thought about every little detail & were a joy to deal with.
Seeing as the dresses were grey I wanted pink highlights to make my girlies stand out & what better way than Tatty Devine initial necklaces?! After looking at my options online they were more than helpful when I asked if I could have them in pink to match our colour scheme. When I gave them out as wedding gifts that morning & saw them with the dresses they looked ace! I also wore a Tatty Devine necklace with two magpies for joy (one for sorrow, two for joy), they're the one thing I'm superstitious about & apparently I was told there were two magpies playing outside Adam's hotel before the wedding.
Being a bit of a shoe lover I couldn't resist having not one, not two, but three pairs of shoes for the big day! I'd always said when I was little that when I got married I'd want to wear a pair of Jimmy Choos but when I started looking around I fell in love with the Irregular Choice ones (& they were less blingy!). My second pair was from Carvella & third was Miss KG (I never got to wear these on the day though cos we lost them & didn't find them till the next morning, much to my big toe's dismay!).
To match with the pink theme my ladies all wore pink jelly shoes by Mel, I'm not sure how comfy they turned out to be but they looked amazing & I was dead jealous I didn't get to wear those as well!
While we got ready I was handed a present from Adam. I opened it & found a book & mix tape. The book had really lovely lines & quotes about everything being ok & it was nice to take a few minutes & read some of it amidst the buzz of getting ready. I put the mixtape usb in my computer & pressed play, I was so excited cos I've never had a mixtape made for me before so it was even more special to get my first one on my wedding day! I think the best bit was when 'Killing In The Name Of' came on & I jumped around & shouted a bit. Can't wait to get this on my Ipod & remember what I was doing when each track comes on.
After posing for a few snaps outside it was time to pop open the champers, raise our first toast of the day & wait for the excitememnt to begin!

Tune in next week to see what Adam & his boys rocked.
Ttfn x


Rhianne said...

your weddings looks gorgeous and so fun, congratulations :)

ktpland said...

aw thanks so much! :) we had a great day! x

Rascha said...

Thanks for the pictures. Everyone looks beautiful, and SO. . .Happy! How's the big toe doing?

ktpland said...

Thanks Rascha we were & it was so much fun! Thanks for following our little wedding journey. The big toe is still bad & I can't wear heels, it was worth it though! ;) x