Friday, October 05, 2012

Mrs P's update

Thought I’d sit back a bit today & not really have a set theme for today so forgive my random ramblings.

My for today is just a little instagram update from the last week or so:
1. It’s been properly chilly & I love it! Autumn/Winter is the best time of year when you can wrap up warm & face the elements. I’m just hoping for a really cold winter this year, think that’s pretty obvious cos as soon as it turned a bit nippy I was there with my coat, scarf & earmuffs. Heaven help me when it turns really cold!

2. We’ve spent quite a lot of time driving to & from Adam’s parent’s, actually I can class them as ‘the inlaws’ now! Last Sunday was the first time we’ve all been together (including Nick, Lisa, Jenna & the kids) since before the start of the wedding season for us in July so it was well overdue! We spent it swapping photos/videos/stories & planning a Roller Disco venture for the girls sometime soon, can’t wait!

3. This is what happens when you have too much fun at your wedding! My shoes weren’t particularly tight/pointy/high I think it’s just the end result of a great day where I was on my feet for pretty much all of it & I danced/moshed that bit too hard! Maybe I should have been a perfect model bride & sat to the side watching everyone else enjoy themselves? Nah! I was in there dancing my little feet off (literally it seems!) & now I’m still paying for it with antibiotics to try & reduce the swelling & pain in my big toe! Yoink!

4. Even though I now have 2 sisters-in-law Lou is still my sister-from-another-mister. She proved my theory when she went out & bought her POW jumper the same as mine (we’ve got so many clothes that match without realising it always its quite freaky!). After posting a photo to Twitter of her rocking her new top I couldn’t resist copying proving we really are sisters!

Now don't think I could get through one post without mentioning the wedding, (apart from my manky toe!) we're pretty excited cos we’ve just got our wedding photos through from the wonderful Chris Barber. Only trouble is we’ve not had the time to sit down & go through them properly so I’ve been pretty much sitting on my hands to stop myself from having a sneaky peek without Adam. Roll on tonight so we can view all 1,212 of them (yes that’s right over a thousand!) over a good cup of tea (or 10!)!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend y’all :)
Ttfn x


Slink said...

I just noticed you need to update your profile section! It still says Fiance!!! :-D xx

ktpland said...

Done! Well spotted Miss! x