Monday, October 29, 2012

Minimoon Monday - wine, golf, ice cream & sunsets

After our usual breakfast we set off to La Mare wine estate which was easier said than done with Jersey's tiny winding roads mixed with a dodgy map & limited sign posts! I tell you if you can drive around Jersey as a newly married couple with only a basic map & not fly home divorced you've got a pretty rock solid relationship! :P
Anyway, eventually we made it & went on a great tour learning about (& eating/drinking) everything from wine, champagne, liqueur, chocolate, fudge & jams! After a walk around the vineyards we grabbed a cream tea & wrote some postcards for the folks back home to tell them what a miserable time we'd been having ;)
On the way back to St Helier we stopped off for a game of crazy golf. Seeing as I'd let Adam win the previous day at bowling he decided to let me win today. How sweet! Our next stop was the swimming pool at St Helier (I tell you this Jersey Pass gets you into everywhere!). This wasn't just any swimming pool though it had 2 flumes, a wave machine, random jets that went off every so often & a whirlpool. Adam had great fun running about like a kid while I ponced around worrying about my hair & trying not to get chlorine on my already fading pink bits!
After we (Adam) had enough splashing around we grabbed a scrummy ice cream at Joe Delucci's. I'd always seen their stand in Westfield & not thought much of it apart from how cool the moped bar stools looked but seeing as it was warm & we were standing right in front of it we decided to pop in. The ice cream was delish & we even did a colouring for their wall in our wedding colours!
Seeing as we hadn't really explored the south-west of the island we decided to drive that way towards St Ouens Bay for dinner. Seeing as we'd started off the day with bad map reading I opted to end the day with it too. We got a bit lost but ended up watching a beautiful sunset at Corbiere Lighthouse. Adam did a great little panoramic you can see at the top of my little montage above & I appear a couple of times! After being turned away from El Tico (one of the places to go on the island) cos they were too full (boo!) we ate at another restaurant along the seafront which was ok but they'd run out of everything & we ended up with our 3rd/4th choice! Ah well better luck next time with El Tico!

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