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Minimoon Monday - tunnels, caves & classic cars

Can't believe it's Monday already *groan* but that does mean it's time for Minimoon Monday pt2 (pt1 HERE) *huzzah* I'm sure you're wondering if life could get any better?!
Firstly I love this set of photos of Adam writing me a message in the sand & the fact he turns round & realises there's no kiss & adds one after! I know it's out of order but thought I'd start with this one. Sorry if it's a bit too mushy though for a Monday!
If we'd taken this photo every morning of our breakfast Adam's side wouldn't have changed at all! He discovered a true love for yogurt & banana while I worked my way though Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine & the Breakfast muffin all on a rotation! I wish I could have one of these put in front of me every morning they were delish!
Our hotel was part of a golf course so we decided to have a little wander & hopefully spot some red squirrels, no such luck, though they had just cut the grass & I ended up getting covered in damp grass! Joy!
Adam on a squirrel hunt!
Our first visit of the day was to the Jersey War Tunnels which was really good but a bit chilly! It was so interesting & I loved the fact the displays encouraged you to answer questions about what you would have done faced with difficult choices & what would have happened. I'm sure I learned all about these things in school but I honestly don't remember a thing (was probably too busy swapping Spice Girl cards!) so it makes these museums all the more interesting now! That's my excuse anyway!

Jersey was the only part of the UK that was actually Occupied by the Nazi's for 5 years. Along with our entry tickets we were both given ID cards of people who'd been in Jersey during the Occupation & at the end (conveniently in the cafe!) you found out what your person's story was. Right are you sitting comfortably cos here's a bit of a history lesson:

I had Mary Richardson who was a Jew in hiding after escaping a German guard taking her to a concentration camp. She was hidden by Albert Bedane at his house which also doubled up as his physiotherapy surgery often visited by Germans.

Adam had the interesting one - Edward Ross, who along with his wife Nan wanted to raise the Ukrainian slave workers spirits by passing on reports about Russian progress on the Eastern Front. They tried to pass on a basic map to workers at St Ouens Bay but were challenged by German guards & arrested after a chase. After their house had been searched & a radio discovered they were found guilty of "CONSORTING WITHOUT AUTHORITY WITH PRISONERS OF WAR AND DISTRIBUTING WIRELESS NEWS HOSTILE TO GERMANY." They were sentenced to 6months in Normandy but after a month were separated & re-imprisoned in different places. After just over a year in prison Nan requested to be transferred to an English or American camp such as Vittel. Around the same time Eddie smuggled a letter to the Red Cross & they were reunited at Vittel a few months later. They were liberated along with their newborn son in September 1944.
In one of the rooms off the main tunnel we were given the decision that all people faced in Jersey at that time, either stay on the island to see what would happen or flee to England. It wasn't a great start to the marriage when we realised we'd both do different things!
Wandering around the tunnels.
By the time we reached the last room celebrating the Liberation of Jersey my feet had gone totally numb so we didn't spend as long in here as we might have wanted but I hummed along to Land of Hope&Glory & God Save The King before wandering off to find warmth! If I ever go again I'll go armed with thermals & woolly socks even if it's in the middle of summer!
After a hot chocolate to warm up in the cafe we set off to Plemont after it had been recommended to us by Mo's owners the day before. The picture above might just look like normal beach snaps but this was quite a big deal for me cos I hate sand! it gets everywhere! At least this wasn't the horrible dry stuff that gets between your toes so I wasn't too bad but then Adam started kicking it over my feet! Argh!
Once I'd got over my sand diva-ness we went off to explore the caves. Adam was off looking around & climbing onto ledges while I edged along in the water trying to avoid the little fish swimming around like a right sissy!
By this point it was time for some proper seaside cafe grub so we brushed our feet off as best we could before having to do the dreaded thing of putting on shoes over slightly sandy feet. All I could think of was the video mum&dad have of me squealing & moaning at how much my feet hurt while mum tried to brush the sand off them! I'm definitely a country bumpkin that's for sure & preferably as far inland as possible!
That night we met up with Jane & Tony. We were picked up in Tony's beautiful Merc from 1971, it was a 280SE & had a 3.5 engine (for any petrol heads out there!). We felt like royalty as we were given a guided tour of the island driving down St Ouens Bay to St Brelades where we parked up for dinner at the Crab Shack. Adam hates the smell of shellfish & can't stomach it at all but seeing as Tony & Jane were having a crab salad I thought this is my one & only chance to have shellfish! I haven't had crab since I was last in America aged 16 so had forgotten how rich it tastes. After only half of it I was full but wow was it good! I spent the rest of the evening chewing gum & scrubbing my teeth though hoping to get rid of the crabby smell! Lovely! Gets him back for the sandy feet I guess! ;)

Ttfn x

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