Friday, October 19, 2012

Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause & The Revival Tour all in one week! Woop!

Kinda had a hunch it would be good when Monday night saw The Gaslight Anthem & Dave Hause rocking Brixton Academy. It's been way too long since the boys all played over here (then again to me a week is a long time without them!).
I managed to get into the venue quite early on thanks to the priority queue for O2 customers (makes up for all the rubbish signal/internet problems I guess) & meant I could hold a great spot on the side balcony for when Adam arrived. At first I had managed to get right at the front near the middle but then the sensible part in me woke up & reminded me of my still black toe & how we got majorly squished last time we stood there so I sighed & moved away. Turned out though that we had a great spot & lots of space as well as a view of the whole stage.
*I'd never realised what a beautiful venue Brixton is till we stood back a bit! Wow!*
Dave Hause was first on & we enjoyed a good sing-a-long, after what sounded like one long song from the second support act Blood Red Shoes, it was finally time for TGA. Woop! For me the tracks from Sink or Swim, SeƱor&The Queen & '59 Sound still sound the best & we got a bit soppy when they played Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts (our first dance). We were going to stay behind after to say hi but again the mature MRS P introduced herself & we headed home seeing as we'd had no tea, it was raining & we needed to get the last tube! 'twas great fun though & the perfect way to start the week (if a bit tiring!).
Yesterday saw our second gig of the week The Revival Tour. We first heard about this tour last year cos Brian from Gaslight was playing. We saw them in Nottingham (see post HERE) & also when they did a little set in the Lee shop on Carnaby Street (see post HERE). We enjoyed it so much we said even if we didn't know anyone who was playing (apart from Chuck Ragan) we'd still go & how glad are we that we did?! Very is the answer!
The gig was at the O2 academy Islington & when we arrived there was quite a bit of space at the front so we decided to jump in there seeing as it wouldn't be as manic as Gaslight! The tour this time consisted of Chuck Ragan (who organises the whole thing), Cory Branan, Emily Barker, Jay Malinowski, Rocky Votolato, Jon Gaunt, Joe Ginsburg & The Dead Coast.
* Joe, Chuck, Rocky, Cory*
Last year we'd discovered Dave Hause through this show so we wondered if anyone would stand out as much this time & for me it was Cory Branan. He was mesmerising to watch, there was so much passion in his singing & playing I could have watched him all night! For Adam though it was Rocky Votolato I still liked him but no one was going to beat Cory for me! We ended up getting one album of each afterwards so let's see who can persuade who!
I think I only knew about 3 songs in the whole show but it didn't matter. The atmosphere was incredible both off & on stage & you can tell everyone's passionate about the music & enjoy playing together. I'm always amazed at how much enthusiasm Joe has when playing his double bass though I was missing his moustache a bit!
All to soon (over 3hrs later!) it was time to go home (boo!) & again we hadn't eaten so we didn't plan on hanging around. When we got to the merch stand though Corey was standing there so I geeked out a bit about how much I enjoyed his set & got my cd signed! When we turned around to leave there was Emily, Jon, Joe & Chuck all mingling so we said a quick hi to them all & got them to sign our poster, there was no sign of Rocky & Jay to complete our set so decided to head to McDs instead! Rock n' Roll!

It feels like ages since we went to a gig & this week's got me all excited for music again. Can't wait now for Billy Talent next month & *ahem*STEPS*ahem* in December!


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