Monday, December 19, 2011

Wedding dress? Tick!

This is quite a strange blog post cos I can't go into too much detail about what we did & where on Saturday but all I can say is I now own a wedding dress!
Ma&Pa came down for the weekend, we met up with Anna & Lou & headed to a certain shop in a certain area of London to get the dress! I knew what I wanted & had tried it on previously but it was nice to see what 2 more people thought & to try it on with the shoes. Mum & I scurried into the changing room ready for my glam transformation. I had a bit of a wobble once it was all on before the curtain was pulled back, I don't know why but I didn't want to go out & do a twirl, it wasn't that I was scared they'd not like it I just didn't want the fuss I think. I felt really self conscious. Not a great start for the actual wedding day! Once I stepped out in front of everyone & was greeted with lovely smiles I knew I'd be fine. I did a few twirls & loved how I looked so I can't wait now.
After purchasing my new special frock we headed for lunch at a lovely cafe. Seeing as the wedding diet is going so well (!!!) I had a Full English complete with black pudding. There's always tomorrow to start the healthy eating right?!
After lunch we popped somewhere else (it's actually really hard to write without giving anything away!) to check about summit else to do with my outfit before heading home - tired but happy :) Only 256 days to go till it can be worn!
Ttfn x

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