Friday, December 23, 2011

Chrimbo ain't cancelled!

Huzzah! I know most of you probably didn't think it was in the first place but seeing as we didn't get a proper Chrimbo outing at work this year I wasn't feeling quite as festive as I could. Last night, things all changed for the better, Adam's company invited me along to their Chrimbo party at the Wimbledon Dog Track.
Not long after we'd sat down in the warm restaurant (no standing outside for us!) we placed bets on the first race. Most of the others were trying to figure out who was the best to put their money on & I just sat there picking the ones who's names I liked. We (the 'royal we') were off to a good start & Andy won the first race woop!
As well as the excitement of the dogs we also had the excitement of Secret Santa! I'd got quite carried away with mine & got loads of things from the pound shop & put them in a big box, others weren't quite so enthusiastic & wrapped their gifts in the carrier bags they'd came in!
About half way through the night we decided to change tactics seeing as we'd lost every race so far. We went for a "forecast reverse" (getting into the lingo here!) on dog 5 & 6 coming 1st & 2nd in either order.
we waited with baited breath as our 2 dogs ran round the track
onto the finishing straight
and they.............................lost! Rubbish!

While the races were going the waiters had been providing our 3 course Chrimbo dinners. Adam went traditional with turkey & all the trimmings while I opted for the beef.
By this point Hayley & Andy were getting into this whole betting malarkey & were studying the boards along with the booklet & counting out their pennies. It seemed to work though & they won another few races while Adam & I were on a mega loss. Shocking! No added extras to the wedding fund that's for sure, if anything we're a bouquet & pair of shoes short!
Then finally our luck changed on race 9. We put £2 on Skippys Samson....
and we won........................£5.20! Get in! All's not lost!

By the way this'll be my last post before Chrimbo so I hope y'all have a great one :)

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