Wednesday, December 21, 2011

spot the difference

last night was the Jive Nation Chrimbo party & me & my sister-from-another-mister rocked up in our festive jumpers see if you can spot the difference :P
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It was a great evening - I may have missed the class due to nattering away (typical!) but I had some great freestyles later on. Bar Lenuccia are always so welcoming & the atmosphere's brill. It got even better when the mulled wine was brought out in a giant wine glass followed by a huge Panettone! They sure know how to look after a load of festive dancers. :P Later on Kev & Aggie did a spectacular showcase, we're so lucky to have them as teachers (& friends!), if you ever get a chance to see them you must.
Well that was my last jive of 2011. I'm definately hoping to dance a hell of a lot more next year & it's going to be one of my resolutions I'm really wanting to stick to (come on, we all make ones that we know we ain't gonna stick to & this ain't it!). Cheers for the brill times in 2011 guys, bring on 2012! :)

Ttfn x

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