Friday, December 09, 2011

Arseblog (not as rude as it sounds!)

I'm always up for meeting other bloggers & conversation's not usually a problem (if I read their blog & vice versa we must have summit in common right?!), but Wednesday evening I entered a blogging world I know nothing!
Adam wanted to go the Arseblog's book launch 'So Paddy Got Up' on Wednesday evening so muggins here joined him at The Tollington for an evening of queueing & meeting other bloggers & journalists.
We were going to hang around for a bit, have a drink & grab a bite to eat but the pub was packed! There was only space for the queue of people waiting for the book & not much else. We met Mr Arseblogger as well as Gunnerblog, Goonerholic, Amy Lawrence (Guradian journalist), Tim Payton (Arsenal Supporters Trust) & Nick Ames (Arsenal journalist) to name just a few.
Once we'd got the book (& as many autographs from people spotted by Adam as possible) we headed off for a slap up meal at 'Spoons. On the way we stopped off outside the Arsenal Stadium to check Adam's stone that I got him for his birthday last year, thankfully we didn't have to hunt through the snow to find it like last year. It's crazy to think how different the weather is compared to last year - where's the snow?!
We found a lovely quiet area upstairs & while Adam got engrossed in his book I made friends with a certain 'Crabbies' & a chicken tikka masala
Hopefully the next blogging event I go to will be a topic I know a bit more about & I won't just be the girlfriend tagging along! The things we do....

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Mari said...

lol, the things we do for love... :)