Wednesday, December 07, 2011

it's begining to look a lot like

CHRISTMAS! Woop! I love this time of year, I'm such a big kid & I'm already getting quite excited. I got a rather fancy nativity advent calendar from mum&dad (couldn't resist using the pop up stage set & cut out characters too!) & Adam & I got each other a calendar. 
On Saturday I put up all the Chrimbo decs in the lounge. It's only the 2nd Chrimbo in our home so I felt quite grown up going to the coal shed & getting the box of decs out - I've never actually had a box of decs before! I'd forgotten I'd bought all of these older fashion decorations earlier in the year so this time it wasn't just the tree that got decorated.
Although our bauble collection is quite small we've already got some lovely ones so it was great looking at each one before I put it on the tree. We'd decided to get another photo dec from Snapfish & as I went to get the other stuff from the coal shed it was waiting on our doormat from the postman - timing or what?! We got one of our engagement photos done & it's a tradition we're going to try to keep up every year from now on so we'll eventually have a tree of memories.
Adam had slept all the way through this (cos of his minging man flu) so when he drowsily came into the lounge later on he was dead impressed to be transported into a Winter Wonderland of our own.
Hope you're all getting ready for the festive season & you have a good 'un :)

Ttfn x

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Loulabelle said...

Absolutely loving your winter wonderland! I'm with you, I LOVE Christmas and all the twinkling lights.

Hope you both have a great one xx