Friday, December 02, 2011

dusseldorf - NEEDS WORDS

I've been a bit of a busy bee work-wise this week. Tuesday & Wednesday saw me popping over to our German Office in Dusseldorf to work on the styling for one of our AW12 collections. It was my first trip on my own to work on this & it was a great success. :)
Germany's a fab place but I only ever get to see it from a taxi window either heading to our office or to Bread&Butter in Berlin. It's definitely on my list as a place to spend more time in when they magically invent that 25th hour in a day.
Tuesday I flew out from Heathrow around 7am & was in the office for 10:30, we worked on styling before hading to Dusseldorf to see the shops (& to grab a yummy steak!). It's always fun meeting with the German office cos they have so much enthusiasm for what's what & it really gets you going. Before my head crashed onto my pillow I made time to pop to the restaurant across the road from my hotel for a cheeky schnitzel (which I wrongly thought was sausage but tasty all the same!).
Wednesday was supposed to be a more leisurely wake up but I'd set my iPhone wrong so I ended up rushing everything to make sure I could walk to the office in time. Again we got so much done & even had time to pop to Cologne to see some other shops. That's where these Chrimbo market photos are from - it was so pretty & no where near as busy as Winter Wonderland thankfully! Just as it was getting a bit colder we stopped off for a mulled wine in one of the market's mugs - which I popped into my bag on the way out (we paid a deposit so it was fine to take anyway!). Every time I have a cuppa in it from now on I'll remember the lovely market & how the wine warmed me cockles!
Yesterday was a bit manic - I had to get up at 3:30am for a flight back to the UK to be in the office for 9am, I was then so busy I didn't leave 'till 7pm! *groan* At least I've got today off though so it doesn't seem so bad after all. The one thing left to say is:
Boy have we got a fun-filled weekend to come!

Ttfn x

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