Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've seen this on a few blogs so thought it was time to jump on the bandwagon:

Obsessing over: the wedding (262days to go, 3days 'till the dress is mine!). I'm trying to put the wedding on a bit of a back burner at the moment so I can get into the Christmas spirit good & proper, I know I always say that it's crept up on me but how on earth is it Chrimbo week next week?! My presents are 90% done thankfully & apart from a few letters still to write, my cards are ready to go as soon as I get off my backside & get some stamps. I think the wedding is going to seem so real when we reach 2012, we won't be able to say that we're getting married next year any more & seeing as I'm travelling quite a lot with work in Jan I'm not going to get a chance to sit down properly to wedding stuff 'till Feb which'll be 7months to go! Eeep!

Working on: my will power! The wedding diet's gone out of the window completely so I'm going to start the year fresh & (hopefully) really crack down on my snacking & exercise (hopefully with the right one increasing & the other decreasing!). Also with Chrimbo coming I've really tried to keep the Visa hidden away. The odd thing's gone on there but it's not as bad as it would have been previous years - who knows maybe one year I'll be able to use real money & not imaginary?! That'll be the day!

Thinking about: How this will be our last Chrimbo apart as two individuals (I didn't expect these answers to be so wedding/marriage heavy but I guess that's what on my mind sorry!). Also thinking about:
~the last few pressies left to get
~this weekend & how I get to see mum&dad, Anna & Lou all together in one place!
~how on earth I'm going to get everything done with the fact I'm out every night 'till the new year
~meeting Adam tonight for a Panto (but not just any Panto - more on that in another post!) & more importantly what's for tea!

Anticipating: Chrimbo & all the excitement & family time that comes with it. Can't wait to just have quiet time with mum&dad, not really doing much, just being! Can't wait for NYE either seeing as it's Dad's 60th! Woop!

Listening to: radio 2 - flipping Jeremy Vine. Can't stand the man, we all sit & moan about him at work but never turn the radio station over.

Drinking: tea. diet coke & not enough water - as per usual.

Wishing: I could spend more time with everyone (family & friends) & that none of us had to work so we could just have fun all time time & get our money from the money trees lining the road. Could someone arrange this please?!

Ttfn x

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