Wednesday, December 28, 2011

boxing day take two

Yesterday ma, pa & I headed down to Aunty Del & Uncle Pete's for some long overdue family time.
My cousin David was back over from Germany for a bit & Becs came round with Luke & Amelia. We hadn't all been together since Amelia's Christening so it was great to relax with everyone & catch up properly.
Amelia's grown up so much & she has this lovely little toothy smile which makes her nose scrunch up as well. She's such a cutie!
Luke & Becs seemed to be doing really well too, parenting really suits them & everyone was so sweet playing with Amelia, she was good as gold & they deserve to be very proud parents.
It then came to present time, the most exciting time for a kid cos that means box time! Amelia loved the noises daddy's bottles of beer made as they clanged together & then discovered the box of unwanted gift wrap - what more could a little girl want?!
Christmas must be such an exciting time for a little person & Amelia had a great time exploring everyone & everything.
Uncle D is rather besotted with this little lady & I'm sure she had pretty much every male in that room wrapped round her little finger - she's leaning from her mum already! :P
Before I was dropped off back in London to go back to work today (boo!) we had a nibbly picnic style tea complete with curry popcorn. Nom!

Ttfn x

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Magical Day Dream said...

I like the black and white. Hope your workday was good ;)