Monday, December 12, 2011

Here, there & everywhere

Loughton, Leyton, Barwell & Brum all in one weekend! Phew.

Our weekend started off rather grown up with our mortgage review to get a new deal for the coming years. We were both a bit nervous & didn't really know what was to come but thankfully our advisor held our hands (& purse strings) through the process. Once the boring stuff was over we grabbed a coffee before we went over to Adam's parents to help clear their loft & go through old stuff of Adam's. Looking at his homework diary though he was a bit of a goodie-two-shoes so there was no dirt to dig up unfortunately.
We popped over to Dusty & Kat's for a band practice. Well I say 'we' Adam played guitar while I wrote all our Chrimbo cards. I've missed the posting date for American & Oz but at least they'll get there at some point I guess. Chrimbo really has crept up on us this year, more so than previous years.
The building opposite Dusty & Kat's flat is lovely & with the afternoon sun setting & the pigeons roosting I couldn't resist snapping the odd photo until my fingers turned numb in the cold.
Band practice only lasted about 2hrs (I think the neighbours would have had summit to say if it had gone on longer!) but the songs are coming along nicely & I can't wait to hear them when they're finished.
After a yummy home made lasagne from Jill we set off to drive up to ma&pa's. We arrived about 10pm & pretty much as we walked through the door we'd changed into our swimming gear & jumped into the hottub! It felt so good!
Sunday morning we set off to Birmingham to see the new shop windows for Luke that Adam had designed. They were brill & the shop staff seemed really happy with them too which was nice & I think they passed Adam's critial gaze too which is good.
After a wander around an increasingly busy Bull Ring (grabbing free mince pies & many bits of cinnamon pretzel on the way) we went for a wander around the German market (the biggest in Europe apparently). Unfortunately it was raining so we didn't potter around as much as we could have but there was a jolly band playing Chrimbo music & I couldn't resist a hot choc in a cute boot mug! Think there was only one mug there that day tho – me, £3 deposit on a mug they know people (well mainly women I expect) won't return!
As we got more & more soggy we made our way to New St station to head home. We watched a bit of tv & relaxed (& in Adam's case slept for a bit) before driving home. Seeing as the weather was quite yuck the motorway was vile so we ended up driving on the A5 for most of the way home. Some of the places we went through were stunning.
loved these guys at Coventry station waiting to get on a train to Brum!

Now it's Monday & we're more tired than we were on Friday but we've had a good 'un! Roll on the next weekend (which'll be just as busy as the last one!)
couldn't resist snapping this silhouette of Adam looking out the car
Ttfn x

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