Sunday, October 16, 2011

the revival tour revived

Yesterday the Revival Tour guys did a free show in the Lee store on Carnaby Street, Adam & I didn't need to be told twice so we headed down.
We weren't sure how popular it would be so we (I) got a bit carried away & arrived at 10:30am for a 2pm show! There wasn't anyone else there (surprise surprise!) so we went for a bit of a wander. We came back at 11:30, still no one, so went for a coffee & headed back at noon. There still wasn't a queue but we decided if we started a line people were bound to join it. A few seconds later there were about 6 people behind us & the proper wait had begun.
The people in the store hadn't expected many people to arrive I don't think cos when we asked where the queue would be they told us the show wasn't untill 2pm so head back later & they'd sort summit out. I said we'd hang around at the front & that's when we started the line. About half an hour later there were about 30people waiting & the Lee staff were coming out & tweeting about the line growing. They claimed the room downstairs could hold about 100 people & by the time we went in the amount of people waiting was more than that. We couldn't decide what was funnier the puzzled looks of people walking by wondering what we were waiting for, or the worried looks of members of staff cos there were too many people & they'd have to be turned away.
While waiting we got nattering to a few people from DimeStoreSaints & it turned out that quite a few other people I talk to on Twitter were there as well. The problem is we don't all walk around with our Twitter names on our fronts so I didn't know who anyone was to say hi to.
At 2pm the guys rocked up, walked down Carnaby Street (how cool?!) & entered the shop. At 2:30 we were let in & the gig began. They did 5 songs including '59 Sound with Brian as lead, 'Prague (Revive Me)' with Dave Hause & ended with 'The Bow' - such an amazing song. It was surreal to be standing so close to them while they were singing & cos all the lights were on it felt really awkward to be looking at them as they sang away. I kept dodging their gaze & got all embarassed. I did share a giggle with Dave Hause though when he spilt his bottle of beer over a pair of jeans, he looked up to see if anyone had noticed & when he saw me he burst out laughing & looked rather sheepish. Dave's great & his solo stuff is so good, so good in fact we're going to see him doing a solo show in London on Thursday.
The free stuff just kept on coming, as well as a brilliant gig, on entry we were given a drinks voucher for a free bottle of beer, as we left we were given a free El Jefe poster (the one we've been hunting high & low for) & also managed to grab some badges & plectrums so all in all it was a blimmin' good day!


ppq said...

thank you for the nice report.i wish i can be there...

my post about berlin

Sarah said...

I love the first photo (of course!). What a fun show that was :)