Saturday, October 22, 2011

bring the Hause down

On Thursday we went to see Dave Hause at The Windmill in Brixton. We'd never been to the venue before & it was fab, what place with a dog on the roof wouldn't be?!
We arrived in Brixton early so had a lovely dinner at the White Horse just down the road. There was a bit of a dog theme going on that night actually cos this pub had one called George (tho not on the roof this time!). We headed down to the venue about 9 just as Kelly Kemp was starting her set, she had a lovely voice & set the standards for what was to be a great night.

We headed over to Dave Hause's merch stand to see what was what & ended up chatting to Ian (Horrible Crowes) & Em (who thankfully rescued me from all the football talk that was going on!). The rest of the night just flew by as we nattered on about anything & everything.
Dave came on about 10pm & it was hilarious. There were about 50 of us in this small venue all singing along, this guy has done 17 gigs in a row I think it was & his energy was incredible (I think the Jamersons helped a bit). The set started with him on the stage & us standing round (as you'd expect), but ended up with everyone on the stage or standing round him while Dave played in the middle of the floor. You couldn't help but laugh as he changed the words referring to the dog on the roof & he ended by thanking all his other Revival Tour companions who were all back in the US resting. He was heading back there now but will be back in the UK in November to support Alkaline Trio on tour, he really does never stop!
After the gig we carried on chatting with Ian & Em before realising we should be getting off to catch the last tube home (not before I did my fan girl thing & got an autograph from Dave & a photo with Ian - sad I know but I got caught in the buzz of the night)
I'm quite sad all my Revival Tour & Revival Tour linked posts have come to an end but hopefully it won't be too long till they're back again. Adam & I have said no matter who performs we'll definately go cos if we hadn't gone to this one we wouldn't have had the Dave Hause experience!

Ttfn x

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