Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Diwali!

On Wednesday night our skies were lit up by fireworks all around us. We live in a big Indian community & the noise was incredible! I gave up trying to watch tv & sat on our kitchen counter (which I found last year was a perfect viewing spot) watching everything going off around us.
Everywhere I looked there were fireworks it was brill
When I looked over to Wembley stadium there were about 4 or 5 different displays going off in the distance. It took me back to when mum & I used to sit in my bedroom with the lights off watching the firework displays going off at the college down the road or we'd drive up to a nearby hill with dad, park up by the road & watch everything going off around us.
Just as I was about to put my camera away & try & lip read the tv some more there was a firework that went off right inside the arch of Wembley Stadium, was quite chuffed with the timing of this one!
In 2 weekends time it's Bonfire night. I'll try perching on the counter again but I'm not sure there'll be anything as crazy as Diwali, then again I may be proved wrong - everyone loves a good firework display (especially when they're free from the comfort of your own home - a definite bonus of living on a hill!).
Ttfn x

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